2014 World Series Drinking Game Rules

I take baseball and hydration very seriously, therefore I comprised a list of World Series drinking game rules. There are more elaborate “games” out there but the beauty of mine is the simplicity. Grab your gallon of water and enjoy.

Version 1: Drink whenever 2012, 2010 or 1985 are mentioned (this is possibly the only rule you’ll need, but I’ll provide additional rules just in case you need them)

Drink whenever…

  • Someone says “wild card”
  • You wonder how Joe Buck is employed
  • The Royals steal a base (twice if it’s Billy Butler)
  • “29 years” is mentioned
  • There is a close up of Hunter Pence’s eyes
  • Tim Hudson’s time with the A’s is mentioned
  • You see an adult in a panda hat
  • Someone says “sweep” or “swept”
  • You think Bruce Bochy looks like a human “grumpy cat”
  • There’s another Viagra commercial
  • Derek Jeter comes up
  • The “Buster Posey/Catcher Rule” is mentioned or discussed
  • Announcers mention or discuss that the Royals won 89 games and/or the Giants winning 88

Additional suggested rules:

@Every time the Giants score a run without needing a hit, kill your drink. Of water.
 for each Royals walk and for each Giants K take a sip.
take a shot every time they mention the 8th inning of the WC game against the A’s.
@ Any reference to “Wild Card World Series” or anytime they show a sign that says “Party like it’s 1985” drink your “water”
@ Also calling James Shields Big Game James.
@jennifertrumpp drink double if it’s meant ironically
@ you’ve got to do something with all that dynasty vs destiny crap.
@shot of they bring up lorde or song Royals
@Anytime they mention the odds before the season started for the Royals (40/1) to get to the series, kill your drink
@Tim Lincecum mentions

Alternate version for A’s fans: Just drink whenever you wish it was the A’s in the World Series (actually this could apply to the majority of fan bases)

Tweet me any rule suggestions you have, or leave a comment here. I’m sure we’ll be adding to this list throughout the Fall Classic. And as always, drink your water responsibly!


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